Government & NGO Outreach:

Education and outreach are key components to any successful Healthy Homes Initiative program. The video series is an excellent handout to compliment your public outreach toolbox:

  • Addresses many of the common homeowner questions
  • Produced specifically for government and NGO public outreach
  • State of the Art Production
  • Affordable
  • Higher quality and more detailed than short web videos

Available in English and Spanish      

Healthy Homes, A Video Series addresses many of the key Healthy Homes Initiative elements, based on hundreds of real life examples; recommendations from the EPA, HUD, CDC, and other organizations such as the American Lung Association; and interviews on each of the topics with many leading industry experts.

Produced specifically for government and NGO outreach programs, the approach is documentary styled in layperson terms and addresses many of the common home owner questions about these topics. If you select the high quality printed graphical jacket version, you may customize it with your logo.

The overriding message is that home owner awareness is the first key step to safely managing these potential hazards.

Healthy Homes, A Video Series is state of the art production, affordable and a great addition to any public outreach toolbox. The content does not include any product or service endorsements.

This DVD covers topics ranging from Indoor Air Quality, Carbon Monoxide, Off-Gassing of Building Materials, Asthma & Allergens, Pesticides, Asbestos, Lead Paint, Radon, Mold, Formaldehyde, Arsenic, Tobacco Smoke, and Dust Mites. Presented in a documentary style based on hundreds of real homeowner stories, the DVD Introduction Menu allows for the viewer to choose the particular section of interest for each viewing rather than having to watch the entire program. It also has great staying power as a viewer may now have questions about mold, but in 3 months or next year their questions may be about asbestos, radon, carbon monoxide, chemicals or other indoor air quality issues... and the DVD covers it all.

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